The Archangels are traditionally seen as great beings close to God. Their role is to distribute the vision and energy of the Divine through the angels to human consciousness and the Kingdom of Earth. The Archangels appear in all three of the great western religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. We know them by their Hebrew names Michael, Raphael etc, each of which ends in “el” designating the connection with God. Only two Archangels carry non Jewish names, Metatron and Sandalphon – both Greek – it is considered their Jewish names are hidden to preserve some secret.

Archangels in the Tree of Life

Most interesting is that the Archangels are also placed in the Tree of Life Each Archangel is associated with one of the 10 spheres. Sometimes an Archangel will have two similar names, such as Chamael and Samael. In these cases each name will emphasise a different aspect of that Archangel’s role.

How should we understand the Archangels? At the risk of being presumptuous perhaps we can say that they are vast fields of consciousness. Each has a role in Creation and these roles are related to the spheres to which each is assigned. If we want to deepen our understanding of a sphere, or open more to its gifts and use its qualities in our own life, then it can be helpful to invoke the support of the associated Archangel.

Archangels in Aura-Soma

As with so many subjects, it is through the Aura-Soma system that I have met the Archangels. Since December 1995 every new Equilibrium bottle created has carried the name (and therefore the energy) of an Archangel. These colour combination bottles offer a way to understand and deepen our relationship with the Archangel energies. They begin with Archangel Michael in B94 – the Pale Blue / Pale Yellow, and at the time of writing, the most recently created Equilibrium is Archangel Ratziel B106 – a Pale Olive / Pale Violet combination. For an example of how the Equilibrium combination can shed light on an Archangel energy see the article on Ratziel.


Many of these combinations also connect to a new set of tools in the Aura-Soma system called the Archangeloi. These are energised sprays that carry a fragrance and bring the energy of the Archangel into our aura. The current understanding is that these Archangeloi serve to stimulate the karmic seeds of our positive potential in our aura so that we may begin to unfold more of the potential we were born to live.

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