Tarot cards have an aura of mystery around them yet they contain elements that are familiar to many of us. The regular playing cards with their four suits running from Aces to Kings are derived from the Tarot. Tarot decks however include some extra cards: a further court card – the Page - one for each suit, and, more importantly, a further 22 trump cards known as the Major Arcana. With esoteric names such as The High Priestess, The Magician and the Devil, it is these cards in particular that give Tarot its air of mystery.

Yet the sense of mystery around Tarot cards is well-deserved. Their first recorded appearance is in the Europe of the late Middle Ages, however amongst those who study such things they are considered to be an expression of something far older, a visual representation of the wisdom of a vital spiritual tradition that originates in the Middle East, perhaps as far back as Ancient Egypt. Within this tradition is a symbol named the Tree of Life.

a spiritual symbol...

Here is the real source of the mystery surrounding the Tarot. The Tree of Life, as a symbol, accesses something much greater: the living energy, the spiritual dimension within all life. This energy supports our existence in the way that scientists now consider the quantum field as underlying the whole of the material manifestation of existence. Thus, even when we become familiar with the exotic names and associations of the cards, they remain, at the most fundamental level, mysterious; simply because they tap into the underlying energy behind existence, the mystery behind the material world.

This spiritual dimension, this energetic field, governs what appears in our human world. This does not mean though that we are slaves to it. As we grow in awareness and consciousness we can co create our unfolding life with this energy. This is the principle behind many New Age systems to improve your life.

why choose tarot cards?

The possibility that Tarot cards offer at the personal level is a way to recognise and engage with this underlying energy field. According to the quality of our intention and through the principle of correspondence the Tarot cards we draw in any particular moment will offer both a mirror to our current situation and a window through which insight and increased consciousness may flow into our life. Though in the past the power to interpret the cards was given to a few who used them to predict the future of others, this is no longer the way. As we enter the Aquarian age the true gift of the Tarot is to empower each individual to grow in awareness of the unfolding of their life.

The flavour and language of the insights received will depend on the Tarot deck used to make the card selection, yet the source of energy behind each card will always remain the same, irrespective of the deck used.

many decks to choose from...

In recent years a vast array of new Tarot decks have been created, each with a different flavour and angle according to their designer; yet the unifying factor of all Tarot decks is the Tree of Life upon whose pattern all are overlaid. My personal favourites amongst Tarot decks are: the Inner Child cards which offer insight through the world of fairy tales; the Rider Waite cards which were the first to provide a full image for every card and which remain perhaps the traditional classic; and the Osho Zen cards which have a tremendous originality, images of great beauty and commentaries with an emphasis on meditation and awareness. There is also an Aura-Soma Tarot of great beauty and some originality which is inspired by the Equilibrium colour combinations, this deck brings extra information through colour and Aura-Soma knowledge to the traditional Tarot interpretations.

Tarot and Aura-Soma...

You may be surprised to learn that the Aura-Soma Equilibrium range may itself be considered an approximation of a Tarot deck since these colour combination bottles also have correspondences with the places within the Tree of Life. Through Equilibrium, colour provides a direct access to the wisdom and energy behind the Tarot. This subject is introduced in the Aura-Soma Level 3 course and explored more widely and deeply in the Exploring the Tree of Life course.