From time to time I feature example consultations on this blog. They are intended to be primarily educational. I wish for them to illustrate the potential of working with colour and particularly Aura-Soma Equilibrium. In each case the client has given their permission and any clues as to the identity of the client, including the timing of the posting, are manipulated to preserve confidentiality. In all cases however the thread of the story is true and accurate.

The Aura-Soma system has the underlying intention to be for the greater good of each person. It is founded in a non-intrusive attitude. The client begins the process by making an initial selection of four Equilibrium bottles. My work is to support the client’s recognition of what their selected colours are touching within their experience. The consultation is always an opportunity to bring consciousness to that which is of importance to the client today. The context of this exploration is always care, sensitivity and respect. Helping the client to find their own answers, their own next step, and with luck, the deeper goal I hold for each client, is that they turn something around within themselves. A turn around that can transform their life. See the “miracle” consultation for an example of this idea.

Many, many years ago, (1986) Mike Booth (now the Director of Aura-Soma worldwide) encouraged me to add to my business card along with the listing of the services I then offered - Aura-Soma and Reiki, the phrase “The occasional miracle with a little help from my friends” I did so. But I could not stand easily with this phrase. Today I think it is like this. Miracles are bigger than my personal ability, bigger than my clients’ conscious will. In the example consulatation entitled "Then a miracle occurred", the client’s father rang her out of the blue following the consultation that had explored her relationship with her father. Was it just chance? Or a consequence of the light and love that was brought to her inner situation?

And who would the “friends” be in that phrase? They would be the energies in the Aura-Soma bottles, the energies behind the Aura-Soma system, the energies that accompany each person, and perhaps I imagine too also some energies that become engaged from my side when I offer my work. It is a miracle to me, and I can only say I am grateful for any good results that arise. Aura-Soma education perhaps begins as a science in the sense that it offers a body of knowledge, but I think it leads to an art, the art of meeting a client in the moment in an open and helpful way. Consultations that are fully aligned with the principles of Aura-Soma, and which also honour and respond to the unique in each situation.

For more information on Consultations see my article “The Value of Simplicity” or attend a Practices and Principles of Aura-Soma course where I share the skills that lead to this way of working.