Aura-Soma is a colour care system that began with an inspiration, an inspiration of beautiful colours flowing towards the mind’s eye of an elderly blind lady called Vicky Wall. From this inspiration in 1983 a colour care system has grown that now encircles the planet. With more than 40,000 students in more than 50 countries it is the leading colour care system worldwide.

The focus of the system is to help people. It offers a range of products that are nourishing, energetically vibrant and of great beauty. These products are tools, tools to help people care for themselves, to nourish their needs and support their potential.

A way to care for yourself

Aura-Soma creates natural products made of the finest ingredients: herbs and essential oils, crystals and gem energies. All ingredients are selected and synchronised through their colour resonance and then used in a variety of ranges that nourish both the body and the aura. There are oils and creams for the body, sprays and fragrances for the aura.

A tool for personal growth and life change

Behind the beauty of the Aura-Soma products is a deeper purpose: our colour choices reveal our inner themes and gifts. The principle range of Aura-Soma is a sequence of colour combination bottles called Equilibrium. These bottles offer a mirror in which to recognise our needs, our truth and our potential. Choosing bottles from this range is a way to bring light and understanding to what is important to you. Your choice will also indicate which other Aura-Soma products will be most appropriate and helpful for you at this time. This is especially so when your choice is made and explored with a skilled Aura-Soma Practitioner. It is this ability of Aura-Soma to bring awareness through colour to our life’s situations that is the primary purpose of the system. With awareness can come new choices, growth and change.

A system of learning and wisdom

There is an entire training that has grown to accompany the Aura-Soma system. It encompasses both the philosophy and the practice of Aura-Soma, the meanings of colour and the consultation method, the products, their basic ingredients and functions. Beyond these fundamentals the Aura-Soma education extends into a host of further fascinating subjects: numerology, astrology, the Tree of Life, and a wealth of spiritual subjects including the soul's relationship to the earth, the process of soul development, the Masters and the Archangels. Colour is uniquely versatile in relating to other systems of knowledge. Colour is a key to explore and understand life. The truth is that while the learning with Aura-Soma has a definite beginning, it has no end ...

My speciality is to offer courses on Aura-Soma and these related systems of knowledge. Courses and my diary can be found on my website