About ColourConsciousThis site – Colour Conscious – and my work is all about inspiring you to become more conscious of the world of colour around you. To notice colours and also to become increasingly aware of their significance and the possibilities they offer you. Colour Conscious is not only about colour though, it is also about life: the life we live and the part that colour plays in enriching that life.

Message in a picture

Take a look at this picture - it represents the message of Colour Conscious. At first glance, it shows a darkened space, the inside of a temple, light floods in from a door at the rear of the picture. The light streaming in from outside could easily blind us to the more subtle pool of colour that dances on the temple floor.

In this busy world with its ever increasing demands and distractions it is easy to ignore what lies within us. The world is outside that door. It is always telling us what it would like us to do, to think and to experience, but the measure of the real value of life for each of us lies inside. Here in the darkness is the space where our true originality, creativity and meaning may be found. It is here that the genius of our real self consciousness resides.

Come Inside

As our eyes adjust to this darkened space of the picture and we spend more time with it we begin to take in more of the colours scattered across the floor. These colours are the energy of pure light; they are insubstantial yet they are attractive and uplifting. As we allow ourselves to gaze on these colours with an empty mind they will begin to stimulate some deeper thoughts and feelings to rise to consciousness. It is in becoming conscious of these deeper themes - our relationships with others, with the material world and with life - that we may begin to consciously travel the greater journey in life. The journey towards meaning, value and fulfilment of our potential.

An Inner Foundation

This journey of self will lead us to the foreground of the picture and its most subtle part. Here you will notice a pool of red light. Red is the energy for security, strength, courage and commitment. As the colour of the base chakra and the earth red is the energy with which we may make a stand. This red light here represents a milestone in the colour conscious journey; to point where we come to our inner foundation, the place upon which we may stand and build our life.

Once this inner foundation is established we will be ready (reddy) to meet the brightness and busy-ness of the life outside that church door again, but in a new way. There will be an inner strength, a vibrancy and a direction to our life; these will support us to stand straight and create the life we wish to live.

A beautiful friendship

This site Colour Conscious has the tools and information to inspire and support you on this journey. As Humphrey Bogart says at the end of the movie Casablanca

“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

I wish for that friendship to be between you and colour, and, more deeply, between you and your true potential.