Aura-Soma is a colour care system that began with an inspiration, an inspiration of beautiful colours flowing towards the mind’s eye of an elderly blind lady called Vicky Wall.From this inspiration in 1983 a colour care system has grown that now encircles the planet. With more than 50,000 students in more than 50 countries it is the leading colour care system worldwide. [read more]



We have always been surrounded by colour. But until recently there was little consideration to what is value might be. The question in childhood is often “What’s you favourite colour?” but today perhaps a better question is why do we like some colours more than others? How can we account for our colour preferences? Is it possible they say something about us? What is it that we recognise in colour? What can colour do for us? [read more]



From time to time I feature example consultations on this blog. They are intended to be primarily educational. I wish for them to illustrate the potential of working with colour and particularly Aura-Soma Equilibrium. In each case the client has given their permission and any clues as to the identity of the client, including the timing of the posting, are manipulated to preserve confidentiality. In all cases however the thread of the story is true and accurate. [read more]


Dominic Yeoman

I am English, 50, married with three children and live in the UK. My work, but truly my pleasure, is teaching. My subjects are Aura-Soma and colour. I work internationally but mostly in Europe and Japan. In the future I wish to expand my work into writing books and providing distance learning.. [read more]