Tantric Illumination is my newest course. A course for the time of B110. It explores the special sequence of the Tantric Illumination bottles within the Equilibrium range. These pink, red, magenta and coral combinations starting with B6 and finishing with B110 show the fascinating journey of pink entering this world and weaving its way between soul star and base chakra.

This process of connecting creates a framework for the union of our human experience with our spiritual self, or expressed another way, a joining of Aura and Soma. It is a deeper level of tantra than the outer meeting between man and woman. It is an inner union between our two parts – our earthly self and our heavenly dimension. This is the true message within the myth of Gemini with which B110, Archangel Ambriel, is intimately associated. In the myth one twin was human, fathered by a king, the second twin was divine, fathered by a god. We are each the twins, part earthly and part Starchild. As we journey deeper in to the new time the invitation to bring these two parts together becomes stronger.

Tantric Illumination takes you on a journey through the sequence, bottle by bottle, recognizing the pattern and opportunity of each step. We use Equilibrium oils, pomanders, quintessences and Archangeloi to support this journey so that it becomes a felt experience too. As this inner union between our two parts progresses within our self we become increasingly able to meet the world in a more open and relaxed way. This openness and presence is called the Maha Mudra or Greater Gesture which is the ultimate goal of tantra. This course is a journey towards that inner union so we may be present to our self and the world in a more loving way.

All are welcome.

The light self approaches the physical.

The light self approaches the physical.