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Trump Blue and Orange Part 2

Donald Trump is now the President. When he won the election i identified a blue orange theme in the dynamics that underlay his victory. I suggested that there is a …


Trump. Blue and Orange in the US election

The position of President is a blue one of leadership and authority. Discover how orange was so important though in Trump's success in being elected....
autumn leaves

Autumn: I shall be released

A thought crosses my mind. Perhaps the leaves turn yellow, orange and red in preparation for their return to earth?

Purple – The Doorway to Spirit

Purple is not easily understood. It is easy to mistake for the more common violet when viewing Equilibrium bottles. It only appears in two of the Equilibrium bottles: B19 and …

B18 Yellow Violet

Yellow and Violet

Talking to a Taiwanese taxi driver led to a useful insight into the dynamic of the yellow violet complementary colours. Find out more ...
Rose Pink / Pink

23 and Russian Greetings

Continuing my theme of number posts here is a little thought about 23 which comes to me while I stay in a Russian village. Keeping the same structure as described …

Canvassing in Japan

Blue and Orange

There were many nice explorations of complementary colours on the recent Secrets of the Colour Rose course. Here is a little excerpt from the Blue Orange sharing which focuses on …

alex honnold fi

Blue and Red

"Floating in and out of the body ... each time she drifts a little further." These words appear on a Facebook page describing the leaving the body process of a …


Pink and Loneliness

Loneliness was in the news this week. Is it blue or pink? Read more ...
Rainbow Masters - Aura-Soma, Colour & Life

Rainbow Masters

Here are some wonderful pictures of Master bottles from a Rainbow Evolution course I taught this weekend in Germany. I have never before seen these rainbows extending from the caps …