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Magenta, Nietzsche and the Tree of Life

Last summer i began writing a series of articles about magenta inspired by the birth of the magenta   pomander and the synchronicities of that  time. One important experience was seeing …

“I love you enough to let you go” B76

Finding the wisdom in the depths of self that says  “I love you enough to let you go.”

I started with a simple idea, gold represents the soul self, a …

Spring Blossom and the May Queen

Thinking to send good wishes to my Japanese friends at the start of their big national holiday "Golden Week" today, i found myself thinking about blossom and the beauty of …

The Great Outdoors

Discover the Great Outdoors is everywhere around. All we need be is green enough to breathe it in.

7 Time to Grow

Some thoughts on the Equilibrium B7 Yellow Green combination and the time to grow as an individual

Trump Blue and Orange Part 2

Donald Trump is now the President. When he won the election i identified a blue orange theme in the dynamics that underlay his victory. I suggested that there is a …

2017 A year for The Star

2017. Clues from Aura-Soma Equilibrium, Tarot and number on the opportunity of this year.

The Birth of the Solar King

Discover why 25th December is the perfect birthday date for jesus, and why it is not 21st December. Plus the significance of his Ascension at 33 years old. And most of all some very interesting connections to Aura-Soma as i write this December 2016.

Tubular Bells – Colour and number

Tubular Bells is one of the best selling instrumental music albums of all time. In this article you will discover how blue and its complementary colour orange are intimately wound up within this work. We will also talk about 7 and 8; 72; The Exorcist and Exigesis; and of course, the Tubular Bell.

Trump. Blue and Orange in the US election

The position of President is a blue one of leadership and authority. Discover how orange was so important though in Trump's success in being elected....