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Summer Solstice

These three days the sunrise stands, sol stice, at its southernmost point. The light is at its height.

I wrote about the Solstice back in December - The Birth of

B63: The Good Samaritan

Another post in my series where I explore behind the phrases from the original Aura-Soma student notes. I like to  play with connections in order to come to deeper understandings. …

Numbers in the World: 1701

Part of my occasional series having fun matching numbers as they appear in the world with the colour and number meaning, especially as revealed through the Aura-Soma Equilibrium sequence.

This …

B77. The Wide Mountain

This is one of a series of articles exploring certain key phrases from the original Aura-Soma Student notes. Today's phrase relates to B77. "The wide mountain that appears at the

Magenta, Nietzsche and the Tree of Life

Last summer i began writing a series of articles about magenta inspired by the birth of the magenta   pomander and the synchronicities of that  time. One important experience was seeing …

“I love you enough to let you go” B76

Finding the wisdom in the depths of self that says  “I love you enough to let you go.”

I started with a simple idea, gold represents the soul self, a …

Spring Blossom and the May Queen

Thinking to send good wishes to my Japanese friends at the start of their big national holiday "Golden Week" today, i found myself thinking about blossom and the beauty of …

The Great Outdoors

Discover the Great Outdoors is everywhere around. All we need be is green enough to breathe it in.

7 Time to Grow

Some thoughts on the Equilibrium B7 Yellow Green combination and the time to grow as an individual

Trump Blue and Orange Part 2

Donald Trump is now the President. When he won the election i identified a blue orange theme in the dynamics that underlay his victory. I suggested that there is a …