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The Birth of the Solar King

Discover why 25th December is the perfect birthday date for jesus, and why it is not 21st December. Plus the significance of his Ascension at 33 years old. And most of all some very interesting connections to Aura-Soma as i write this December 2016.

Magenta Part 2 Nietzsche

A man who reached out into darkness

I acquired my own Magenta Pomander on Tuesday 28th June. That evening the BBC showed a programme about Nietzsche, the German philosopher who …


Magenta Pomander – Part 1: Godzilla

Two weeks ago today i first experienced the new magenta pomander. I have been using and reflecting upon it  these last two weeks and it has led to many interesting …


A Question of Will

“Everyone has a point of view.” So said one of my mother’s carers as we were helping my mother get up one morning. That’s true i thought. Yet my mind …


New Message and Magenta Pomander

Here is another number in the picture of the EU referendum. 24th June 2016. This is the date the result of the referendum was declared. 24 in Aura-Soma is New …


UK votes Leave, a moment in time.

A Declaration of Independence

In the early hours of 24th June 2016 the BBC made this announcement: “at twenty minutes to five we can now say …   we are absolutely

Only the flame is revealed.

Two styles of Aura-Soma Consultation

Ever since the earliest days Aura-Soma courses have always included lighting a candle and making a dedication for the day. It was the practice of Vicky Wall, the founder of …

jimmy 2

The Fool: 22 and 0.

An article on numerology and an insight into the 22 - the Return of the Fool in the Tarot.  This particular research focuses on the life of a famous TV …


Italians and Value

I discovered that the owners of the beautiful accommodation in which i stayed this weekend in Italy chose to refer to me as “il professore”. It was news that brought …

cassiel cheliabinsk

Cassiel, Lucifer and Coral

I always like to start my Cassiel presentations with a bang. Here it is. The first twenty seconds will give the idea.

youtube video

This video is from Chelyabinsk in